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INR 6,20,000

per person*



Package Highlights
Package Highlights

Return airport transfers and local transportation on shared and private basis

02 Night in Quito | 04 Nights on Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise | 01 Night in Lima | 02 Nights in Sacred Valley | 01 Night in Machu Picchu Pueblo | 02 Nights in Cusco | 01 Night in Lima

Meals: All days breakfast, 6 lunches and 6 dinner included


  • Private tour of Colonial Quito

  • 5 Day Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise

    • Kicker Rock

    • North Seymour

    • South Plaza Island

    • Rabida Island

    • Bartholomew Island

    • Santiago: Sullivan Bay

    • Santa Cruz: Dragon Hill

    • Santa Cruz: Twin Craters

  • Tour of Sacred Valley, Including: Awanakancha Farm & Pisac Market, Private Service

  • Full day excursion to the Sacred Valley, Including Ollantaytambo Ruins, Misminay Andean community and Moray Ruins. Private service.

  • 2 ½ hour privately guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site – Machu Picchu

  • Visit Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain Trek

  • Vistadome Train to Poroy

  • Private half day tour of Cusco City and surrounding areas

Daywise Itinerary
Daywise Itinerary
Image by Ken Yam
San Fransisco Monestary
Galapagos Cruise
Seymour Island
Bartolome Island
Sullivan Bay
Twin Craters.jpg
Sacred Valley
Machu Pichu
Image by Jeremiah Berman
Day 1 | Arrive Quito

Upon arrival in Quito, your private transfer will take you to your hotel. Evening is free for you to relax and recuperate.


Overnight in Quito.

Day 2 | Private Quito City Tour, Free Evening in Quito

Refreshed after relaxing sleep you start your day with a hearty breakfast. Then you will depart for a private tour of Quito city. Colonial Quito, is a city of narrow cobblestone streets lined with whitewashed walls and, rising above, the steeples and cupolas of the city's many spectacularly decorated historic churches. It has one of the best-preserved colonial centers in all South America. Its integrity was assured in 1978 when the U.N. declared Quito a World Cultural Heritage site. During the morning we will walk through the Main Plaza. You will see the Government Palace, the spectacular gilded church of La Compañía, and some of the most important churches built around the XVI and XVII centuries, including the San Francisco Monastery, which was begun 5 days after the founding of the city in 1534. Then we will visit ‘La Ronda’, the city’s most famous colonial street, where we will learn about the traditional jobs of Colonial Quito. The final stop of our colonial visit will be the ‘Panecillo’, the hill that divides Quito in North & South, and where we will be able to admire the famous statue of Our Lady of the Panecillo, built by Bernardo de Legarda where we will have the chance to enjoy spectacular views of Quito. Lunch included in old town. We will have the chance to enjoy a chocolate experience, which starts with a guided tour explaining the history of cocoa in Ecuador, followed by a chocolate tasting. Ecuador’s unique equatorial climate provides the perfect environment for growing the world’s finest cocoa - Cacao Arriba. Cocoa has been revered in Latin America for over 5,000 years. Spanish explorers loved it so much they called it the ‘Food of the Gods’. In the evening, you are free to enjoy Quito at leisure.


Overnight in Quito.

Day 3 | Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise

Start of an exciting day as you leave the hotel after breakfast for Quito airport by shuttle. You will take a flight for Galapagos. From there you be transferred to cruise ship. You can relax after lunch. Around evening, we reach near Kicker Rock. This striking rock formation is located a couple hours off the western shore of San Cristobal. Jutting out of the water, the rocks stand vertically at hundreds of feet above the ocean divided by a small channel. Although there are no landing areas, kayaking and dinghy rides allow visitors to spot a variety of marine life. You may spot sharks, tropical fish, turtles, manta rays & hammerhead sharks. Enjoy the spectacular rock formations. Watch sea birds like blue-footed boobies, Nazca bobbies & frigatebirds.  Dinner will be served in the dining area.


Overnight in the cruise ship.

Day 4 | Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise, North Seymour Island, South Plaza Island

Today morning, be ready to take a trip to North Seymour Island. Galapagos sea lions, blue-footed bobbies and magnificent frigatebirds are abundant on North Seymour Island. The island was formed by a series of submarine lava containing layers of sediment that were uplifted by tectonic activity. You can go on a dinghy ride or go for hiking which would be around 2.5 k.m. Return back to the ship as your appetites will be whetted for a scrumptious lunch.


In the evening, you will be visiting South Plaza Island. This small island with steep cliffs was formed by rising lava and is now covered by Opuntia cacti. It is also home to one of the largest sea lion colonies as well as colorful yellow and red land iguanas. The most characteristic plant is Sesuvium. You will spot land iguanas, sea lion colony, Audubon's shearwaters, swallow-tailed gulls. Enjoy dinner after a day full of activities.


Overnight on the cruise ship.

Day 5 | Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise, Rabida Island, Bartholomew Island

Enjoy your breakfast in the dining area. Today we will be going to Rabida Island. Rabida Island (Jervis) is one of the most colorful and volcanically varied islands in the archipelago and a great snorkeling site. Its famous maroon sandy beach and stunning lookouts provide wonderful landscapes. The island is a birdwatcher’s delight. Some of the rarest species are in abundance, such as nine varieties of finches, large-billed flycatchers, Galapagos hawks and brown pelicans. You can enjoy activities like snorkeling, dinghy ride or a take a small hike of 1 km. Back to the ship to enjoy your lunch.


In the evening, we will be visiting the Bartholomew Islands. Home of the famous Pinnacle Rock, Bartholomew consists of an extinct volcano with a variety of red, orange, black and even green volcanic formations. A trail of stairs leads to the summit of the volcano, boasting one of the best views of the islands. The beach is perfect for snorkeling and possible sightings of the Galapagos penguin. Back to the ship for dinner.


Overnight on the cruise ship.

Day 6 | Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise, Santiago: Sullivan Bay, Santacruz: Dragon Hill

Today we will be visiting Sullivan bay. A coral beach landing leads you towards a lava field as far as the eye can see. Hunt and peck over the two distinguished types of lava, pahoehoe and 'a'a, for signs of plant life that have managed to emerge over the past 100 years since the most recent volcanic explosion. A truly amazing volcanic experience. Up close and personal! You can walk around the beach, snorkel of just go for a swim  Be sure to wear good solid walking shoes or boots as the 'a'a lava is very sharp and pointy. Lunch on the cruise.


Evening, we go to the picturesque Dragon Hill. Situated on Santa Cruz Island, Dragon Hill is one of the newest visitor sites accessible to tourists in the Galapagos Islands. One of the lengthier Galapagos walking trails will lead visitors along a beach and up a trail to the lagoon lookout where bright flamingos, pintail ducks, and land iguanas can be spotted. Dinner will be served on the ship.


Overnight on the cruise ship.

Day 7 | Royal Galapagos Natural Paradise Cruise, Santacruz: Twin Craters

After breakfast, we go back to Santacruz to see Los Gemelos, or the Twin Craters. The Twin Craters are located opposite each other on both sides of the road leading from Puerto Ayora to Baltra. The name is only figurative; not real craters, these formations were created by the collapse of surface material in underground fissures and chambers. The view is breathtaking. You end your cruise with a lots of good memories. Then you will be transferred to Galapagos airport. From Galapagos you fly to Quito. And from Quito you take a flight for Lima. After arriving in Lima, you will take the shuttle to the Airport Hotel. You can have the day at leisure.


Overnight in Lima.

Day 8 | Private Sacred Valley Tour Awanakancha Farm & Pisac Market

We are in the land of Peru. After breakfast, you will take the shuttle for the airport for a flight to Cusco. You will be received by our representative. From there you be taken for the private tour of Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley is a beautiful and peaceful region of Peru located 32 Kilometers (20 Miles) from the city of Cusco. This scenic and mountainous part of the Andes was a sacred and important place for the Inca’s. Neaby is Awanakancha – a camelid farm – where you’ll get to meet animals traditionally found in the Andes, like Alpaca, Vicuña and Llama. During the visit, you will get to meet and feed the animals and learn about the traditional Andean techniques of weaving and dying the animal’s fur. After the tour, you will be back at the hotel.


Overnight in Sacred Valley.

Day 9 | Full Day Private Sacred Valley Tour, including Lunch

Enjoy the breakfast at the hotel. Leave for a full day tour of Sacred Valley. Built in huge circular terraces, it is unclear exactly what the purpose of Moray was to the Incas, but it is assumed that it was built for farming purposes. Moray is a fantastic place to explore and walk down to the core of the circular terraces or take a picture from atop surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.


You will also visit the Andean community of Misminay and share their tasks with local inhabitants, who still preserve ancient Inca traditions. Then you can choose between ploughing or harvesting, or learning ancient weaving techniques, among many other activities. Local women also spin and dye the wool using natural ingredients and weave according to ancient techniques. Lunch will be served on this tour.

Towards the eastern end of the Sacred Valley is the famous ruin of Ollantaytambo. This impressive and large ruin was one of the last strongholds for the Incas after the invasion of the Spanish nearly 500 years ago. Built into the mountain side and ascending rapidly to the peak of the ruins, Ollantaytambo was almost certainly built as a fortress to protect the eastern end of the Sacred Valley.


Overnight in Sacred Valley.

Day 10 | First Class Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu & Afternoon Private Tour of Machu Picchu

The enchanting sights of Machu Picchu await you. You will be taken by private transfer to Ollantaytambo train station. From there onboard the first class vistadome train to Machu Picchu, enjoy beautiful sights till you reach Machu Picchu Pueblo. From the a shuttle bus will take you to Machu Picchu. Your privately guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site – Machu Picchu starts. You will see the Caretakers Hut, Temple of the Sun, the Royal Tomb, Three Windowed Temple, Intihuatana / Solar Clock, and the quarry.

Machu Picchu was revealed to the world, when the famous historian, explorer and archeologist Hiram Bingham stumbled upon the site whilst on an expedition in 1911. Initially the importance of the citadel was overlooked, and only when he returned over a year later the true significance was realized.

Perched high up on the edge of a cliff set deep in the high jungle of Southern Peru, Machu Picchu fabled ‘The Lost City of the Incas’ is truly a first-class destination for many world travelers. Invisible from the Urubamba Valley below, Machu Picchu lay dormant for more than 4 centuries, nestled neatly at 2,800m (4,000 feet) above sea level. It was considered to have been abandoned by the Incas at the time of the Spanish invasion, and became something of folklore and mystery, until it was re-discovered hidden and preserved in the dense jungle of Vilcabamba.


After the tour a shuttle bus will take you to Aguas Calientes.

Dinner will be served at the hotel.


Overnight in Machu Picchu.

Day 11 | Machu Picchu Mountain Trek, Vistadome Train to Poroy

The picturesque Machu Picchu calls you again. After breakfast, you will take the shuttle to Machu Picchu. Enjoy the trek of the beautiful mountain. You will have free time to enjoy the other sectors of the citadel not visited on the previous day. After the trek you will reach Aguas Calientes by shuttle bus. From there you take the Vistadome train (First Class) to Poroy Train Station. Breathtaking sight await you on the journey. From Poroy station you will be taken to the hotel in Cusco by private transfer.


Overnight in Cusco.

Day 12 | Afternoon Private Tour of Cusco and San Pedro Market

Relax in the  morning after your breakfast. In the afternoon, you go for the private tour of Cusco and San Pedro market. You will visit the city of Cusco, known as the Imperial City and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here you will start your tour at the iconic San Pedro market, a local market where you can explore the colors, flavors and traditions of modern Cusco. The visit continues with the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and cult center of the Sun God, above which the order of the Dominicans built a church, which remains standing to this day. You will continue ascending to the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, an impressive example of Inca military architecture. Afterwards, you will explore Q’enqo archeological site, where important Inca ceremonies took place.  Finally, you will arrive to the Plaza de Armas (main square), where you will visit the Cathedral, the most important temple in the city.


Overnight in Cusco.

Day 13 | Morning at Leisure, Flight to Lima

As you soak in the memories of the tour, have a leisurely breakfast. You will be transferred from the hotel to Cusco airport. You will take the flight back to Lima. A private transfer will be arranged for you to be taken to your hotel.

Day 14 | Morning Private Tour of Lima, Onward Flight Home

The last day of your wonderful trip starts with private tour of Lima which includes historic and modern Lima. Lima known locally as ‘The City of the Kings’ is the capital of Peru and has a rich a colorful history. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, it was once the most powerful and important trading posts in the continent. You will visit both the modern and colonial parts of Lima, starting at the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro before heading to the Historic Center. There, you will explore some of the most historically important streets of the city, leading to the Plaza de Armas, where you will have some time to take pictures of the amazing colonial architecture that surrounds it. Then you will visit the impressive Convent of Santo Domingo, an astonishing building with colonial style. After exploring the Historical Center, you will head towards modern Miraflores to make a stop at the Parque del Amor, from where you can take beautiful photographs of the Lima bay area.

You will have a private transfer pick you up from the hotel and take you back to Lima airport. You headback home with the amazing Galapagos and Peru experience.


Hotel Details
Hotel Details

Package Category

Hotel Locations


Lima Airport

Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu Pueblo


Miraflores, Lima


Room Type

Single Occupancy

Double Occupancy

Triple Occupancy


Vieja Cuba
Holiday Inn Hotel
Villa Urubamba Hotel
El Mapi Hotel
Maytaq Wasin Boutique Hotel
Arawi Hotel

or Similar*

Standard Room

INR 9,30,000 onwards**

INR 6,20,000 onwards**

INR 4,96,000 onwards**


Patio Andaluz
Costa del Sol Wyndham
Casa Andina Premium
El Mapi Hotel
Aranwa Boutique Hotel
Doubletree El Pardo Hotel

or Similar*

Standard Room

INR 9,90,000 onwards**

INR 6,60,000 onwards**

INR 5,28,000 onwards**


Swissotel Quito
Costa del Sol Wyndham
Sol y Luna
Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel
Belmond El Monasterio Hotel
Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel

or Similar*

Standard Room

INR 12,28,000 onwards**

INR 8,19,000 onwards**

INR 6,55,000 onwards**

  • Airfare, Visa & Overseas Travel Insurance

  • Cost of Meals other than those specified in inclusions

  • Cost of foreign exchange for personal expenses

  • Expenses of personal nature, mini bar in the room, laundry, telephone bills, tips, gratuities etc.

  • Tips & Porterage for Local driver & guide

  • Surcharges applicable during Conventions, Special Events and Trade fairs, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve

  • Cost of any other services not specifically mentioned in inclusions

  • Any increase in the cost that may come into force prior to the departure date including change in price owing to fluctuation in the rate of exchange

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