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The islands of Andaman are famous for its serene, white silky beaches and clear blue waters. The untouched stretches of golden beaches, lush green forests, marine life, sunny skies and scenically romantic island. Some of the best islands that should surely make it on your list of island hopping are Ross Island, Port Blair, Long Island, etc. The experience of island hopping is like finding a treasure chest on these mystic islands. 


Beaches in Andaman are worth exploring and known for its unique beauty. The corals and marine life offers a beautiful underwater adventure like snorkeling, scuba diving in Andaman. One of the best diving experiences you can have in India, with other exciting and thrilling water sports activities. There are some amazing beaches in Andaman which includes Elephant beach, Red Skin Island Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Guitar Island and Beach, Chidiyatapu Beach and many more. 

Don't miss to try out the local delicacies and the traditional sea-food.  For local transportation, simply rent a bike or bicycle as per your convenience. Overall, Andaman is a fascinating dream holiday destination has enough in its store to amuse each visitors any time.

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