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Come, explore the 'Paradise on Earth' - 'Kashmir'.  Known for its breathtaking beauty and natural treasures, beautiful snowcapped mountains, lush green valleys and its crystal streams are all set to captivate you. etc. each offering  unique experiences while you discover the beauty of Kashmir.


Kashmir is a state which is equally rich in cultural and natural wonders. This beautiful destination provides unique experiences to each tourist offering amazing trekking/long walks experience on the many mountains in the region, marvelling at the cozy houseboats on the lakes of Srinagar and visiting the many pilgrimage sites, religious and spiritual centres that are present throughout the state. The breathtaking beauty of Kashmir has earned it the name of "Switzerland of East".

The beautiful state of Kashmir is not only famous for its beauty but also known for its  beautiful Pashmina silks, carpets and other textiles handcrafted by the native craftsmen in Kashmir and much more.So get ready for a joyous ride to the most picturesque landscapes and absorb the beauty that nature has to offer.

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